Cannabis Regulations

The City of Hesperia allows and regulates Commercial Cannabis activities, limited to State License Type  M-Type 9, Non-Storefront Retailer, limited to delivery services only. All other commercial cannabis activities are prohibited within the City of Hesperia.

Applicants are responsible for reading and understanding City Regulations regarding allowed commercial cannabis activities. Commercial Cannabis activities are limited to those zones as cited in Hesperia Municipal Code Section 16.16.470.

Prior to application submission, applicants should review the land use regulations to ensure that the proposed property is within the cannabis zone. Cannabis activities are limited to not only specific zones, but must also adhere to distance limitations. Cannabis applications that do not meet zoning and distance requirements will not be accepted.

Click here to access the Land Use Regulations pertaining to Commercial Medical Cannabis

Click here to access the Business License Regulations pertaining to Commercial Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Delivery Services Zoning Map - This map is subject to change without notice. It is the applicant's responsibility to confirm the location with Planning staff.

To find out if your property is eligible for a commercial cannabis delivery business permit, please call the Planning Division at 760-947-1224. Distance restrictions are in place within the cannabis zone, applicants are encouraged to review the Land Use Regulations Section 16.16.470 and inquire with Planning before proceeding through the application process. 

How to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Delivery Business Permit

Applications for a Medical Cannabis Delivery Permit must comply fully with Hesperia Municipal Code Chapter 5.50 and Chapter 16.16, in addition to all other state and local laws. Failure to submit a complete application package will result in denial by the City and will require re-submittal of the application, along with all applicable fees. Please review the Medical Cannabis Delivery Business Permit checklist carefully and submit all required documents to the City as a complete application package.

Applicants are encouraged to review the Medical Cannabis Delivery Business Permit Checklist before submitting an application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Medical Cannabis Delivery Business Checklist

Medical Cannabis Delivery Business Permit Application

Medical Cannabis Business License Application

The following additional applications must be completed and returned with Part II

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Tenant Improvement Packet (includes Letter of Intent) Entire Packet must be completed and delivered with Part II.

MDAQMD Clearance Form  

Building Permit Worksheet

Applicants with questions can contact Tina Bulgarelli, Administrative Analyst at 760-947-1216 or email during normal business hours.

Insurance Requirements

Applicants must comply with the insurance requirements in Title 5 of the Hesperia Municipal Code Chapter 5.50.100(F). The required insurance policy must be purchased and valid prior to the final approval of the Tenant Improvement Permit and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy. Failure to provide valid insurance at the limits specified will result in delay of permit final and Certificate of Occupancy issuance. 

Completing the DOJ process for Owners, Applicants and Employees

Part I - Applicants and Owners

Part I requires the owner(s) and applicant(s) to furnish proof of livescan (fingerprinting) through the Department of Justice to the City as part of the permitting process.  Proof of previous livescan (even within the previous 90 days will not be accepted)

Please Note: Fingerprints must be dated within seven (7) days of application of Part I.

A DOJ Form is required from the City of Hesperia. Please call the City at (760) 947-1224, or (760) 947-1216 and the form can be emailed to you. You may also obtain the form at the City of Hesperia Development Services front counter at Hesperia City Hall, 9700 Seventh Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345. Copies can be made for all owners and applicants. 

Part II - Employees

The City form CANNOT be used for employees. Please do not make copies of the form provided to the applicant for employee livescan.  The City does not require the results of livescan for employees to be provided to the City. 

Personal Cultivation of Cannabis

Outdoor personal cultivation is prohibited in all zoning districts. Personal indoor cultivation is allowed in compliance with State and City law inclusive of the number of plants allowed and the amount of processed cannabis possessed. Cultivation must take place within the residence, in a locked room or locked out-building. Notarized Property owner permission is required if the property is not owner-occupied. Registration of the address where cultivation will take place is required. The cost of registration is $100 per year. Failure to register can incur penalties and administrative citations. 

Residents will be required to produce State issued identification in the form of a drivers license or ID card for address verification upon registration. Identification must be unexpired and the address listed on the identification must match the proposed cultivation address. 

Registration must be completed at City Hall, 9700 Seventh Avenue, Hesperia, CA 92345 at the Development Services Counter.

For more information, please review Hesperia Municipal Code Section Sec. 16.16.455 - Personal Cultivation of Cannabis