Pets & Vets

In recognition and appreciation of our nation's veterans, the City of Hesperia's Animal Control department will be waiving adoption fees for veterans adopting pets as part of the Pets & Vets program beginning May 17, 2016.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs up to 30% of returning soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).The VA acknowledges that owning a pet can reduce stress and aid in mood lifting making pets a great option for anyone, including returning soldiers, or those with PTSD.

Pets & Vets benefits veterans by waiving their adoption fees for one animal per year adopted from the City of Hesperia Animal Shelter and off site events. Adopters will be responsible for paying the $13 licensing fee for adopted dogs (there is no licensing fee for cats). Adoptions include a free veterinarian check-up, grooming, microchip, a bag of food, a consultation with a dog trainer, first vaccinations and a 3 month City of Hesperia dog license if the adopter lives in Hesperia.

The program will be available for all veterans even if they do not live in the City of Hesperia.

To view current pets available for adoption at our Shelter, please click the link on the left. For questions, please call (760) 947-1700.

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